90210 “Up in Smoke” Season 4 Premiere Review

90210 "Up in Smoke" Season 4 Episode 1 - With high school behind them, the kids of Beverly Hills90210 are headed to college. First, though, they end their summer activities with a big summer bash at Naomi’s new party house. Before we talk about those events, let’s catch up on what happened while we were away this summer.

Turns out that Naomi was not pregnant after all. However, Max’s exhuberance upon finding out and thanking the stars that he was able to "dodge that bullet," leaves Naomi feeling less than loved. She breaks up with Max and goes on a post break up trip. Meanwhile, Adrianna has gone to Africa for a change of scenery and a change in personality. Annie’s inheritance is being contested by the family and Liam failed to keep in touch during his summer employment on the fishing boat. Ivy is still married, but her husband has spent quite a lot of time in a hospital, including during their honeymoon.

Now that we are caught up, let’s talk about what happened at summer’s end. Liam thinks he can solve his problems by plopping a ring down on Annie’s car hood and saying "Let’s do it!" Luckily, Annie is intuitive to know that something happened to Liam out on the water. Whatever it was, it was probably bad considering he got so drunk he accidentally bought a bar with all of his earnings. That should make for an interesting career. Read More...



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