Ringer Promo: What's Bridget's Next Move in Episode 2?

Ringer premiered last night to decent enough ratings, so we'll have to wait and see what happens with the longevity of the show, but the premiere left us with a lot of questions that I'm anxious to see answered.

The September 20 episode of Ringer picks up essentially where the premiere left off: Bridget has just killed a hitman sent after Siobhan.  Frightened, she calls Malcolm for guidance, but doesn't want to go with his suggestion of calling the police.  After all, Bridget is now a fugitive on the run from the FBI.  Speaking of the FBI, Victor Machado decides to stick around New York and try to get more information out of "Siobhan" about Bridget.  In other words, Bridget's world is starting to get very tense.

Dexter's Jamie Murray will be making a guest appearance as Andrew's business partner and the duo decide to throw a client party.  Gemma continues to get even more confrontational as she discovers more proof that Henry is having an affair.  From the look of the photo to the right, it appears that Gemma is starting to lash out about the whole situation.

Siobhan, meanwhile, seems to be in Paris, complaining about how her sister is "ruining everything".  But she won't let that put a crimp in whatever plans she's trying to implement.

Below is a trailer for the September 20 episode of Ringer.



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