'Big Brother 13': Rachel Reilly or Porsche Briggs, who won the money?


So it all comes down to Porsche Briggs, Adam Poch and Rachel Reilly in the "Big Brother 13" house. Who do you think takes it? According to our poll, Rachel is the clear-cut winner in a landslide. We shall see. Head of Household CompetitionIn case you don't follow the live feeds, the show shows us the first round of the HOH - which in an incredible display of weakness, took about 45 minutes. People were joking all over twitter that the next round should be things like who can stay seated the longest or who can sleep the longest. Seriously, this was weak sauce. But anyway, so Rachel wins. The second round involves placing "Big Brother" contestant heads along a wall in a giant water tank in order they were HOHs. Porsche says it's a lot harder than it looks, but honestly - that looks pretty hard. Adam ends up wasting time having to go...



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