Recap: 'Survivor: South Pacific' Premiere - 'I Need Redemption'

["Survivor" recaps have typically been in the Monkeys as Critics blog, but they'll be migrating over to my blog starting this season. That way, my recaps and exit interviews and whatnot will at least be in the same place, which ought to be more convenient. Click through for the recap of Wednesday's (Sept. 14) "Survivor: South Pacific" premiere.]

Pre-credit sequence. Forget about those newbies. Coach and Ozzy are back!Coach is planning to control his sense of self-righteousness. He wants to prove that he can win this game "with honor and integrity." Based on previous play, I'd say Coach's best chance to win would be less "honor and integrity" and more "aliens abduct the remaining castaways." For his part, Ozzy feels like he's almost been there, but he hasn't been able to grasp the million dollars. Yes, getting blindsided with an Immunity Idol in your pocket definitely yanks the million from your hands. Oooh. There are other contestants in the game. Nerdy John says he's the most "Survivor" savvy player ever. Rick has trained for the game. Trained his mustache! Mortician Stacey vows to be like a mother, but to keep an eye on everything. And Brandon Hantz instantly mentions his Uncle Russell, a situation he compares to being similarly related to Hitler. "I don't think Hitler's nephew was running around saying 'I'm Hitler's nephew,'" Brandon observes. But it's too late. Having forced the invocation of Godwin's Law, this "Survivor" season is now over. Thanks, Brandon! Read More...


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