America's Next Top Model 17.01 "Nicki Minaj" Review

Is it possible for a show to be rushed and have absolutely nothing happen at the same time?

If so, then I think tonight's season premiere of America's Next Top Model may be a prime example, as the episode went by extremely fast and at the end, I was left feeling like not much had transpired. Of course, it's always lovely to have this traveling circus of crazy back on my TV for a few months each year, but "Nicki Minaj" felt like a two-hour premiere dressed up as a one-hour episode. Let me explain.

For starters, the fact that Brittany was sent home for rather arbitrary reasons is a little bit bogus, especially when the "challenge" wasn't even acknowledged as a challenge until after it was completed. Had the show been longer, there could have been an official challenge to go along with the surprise panel challenge to give the judge's another metric to look at when deciding who goes home, but instead, each girl got a second in front of panel, one very quick backyard photo shoot, and that was that. It felt like a total cop out by the judges; if we're going to make Top Model a popularity contest, why not go ahead and open it up to live phone voting? How are they really supposed to decide who goes home with that little information? Read More...


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