Bleach Season 12 Episode 242: Shinigami and Zanpakutou Review

The gathered Zanpakutou immediately start resisting, so Soifon and the other Shinigami face off against them. Ichigo in particular is forced to fight Senbonzakura, and so it's up to Renji to try to stop Byakuya from getting away. Yumichika, on the other hand, goes up against his own Zanpakutou Ruri-iro Kujaku while Kira fights Shuuhei's Kazeshini, Soifon fights Sasakibe Choujirou's Gonryoumaru and Komamura's Tenken, and Ikkaku fights his own Zanpakutou Hoozukimaru once again. Ikkaku initially has a lot of success against Hoozukimaru and is even able to use his own shikai, but Hoozukimaru then initiates bankai to turn the tables a bit. Not backing down, Ikkaku is able to shatter one of Hoozukimaru's blades, however he then has to face Hoozukimaru with his dragon gauge fully charged. As a show of his confidence, he places half his broken spear on the ground to mark the line he won't step behind, and he proceeds to take the full force of the attack. True to his word, he stands his ground and is able to defeat Hoozukimaru, though Ikkaku collapses afterward as well. Elsewhere in Soul Society, Iba and Isane run into each other, but before they can do anything, they spot Kurotsuchi's Zanpakutou Ashisogi Jizou nearby.

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