'Big Brother' season finale recap: The Juggernaut, Bitch.

If you wanted to point to the defining image of the thirteenth season of Big Brother, you would have to look back to the opening moments of last night's season finale. The three remaining housemates were participating in Part One of the final HoH competition: A typically surreal megasized butter-churning competition that for some reason also involved spraying the housemates with gak, Double Dare-style. Unsurprisingly, Adam started falling early on, because challenges aren't his strong suit. (Adam's strong suit, as we all know, is the one with shoe-gloves.) Porsche started moaning about how her tum-tum felt ick-ick. "I don't want to barf, but I also don't want to swim in my barf," she explained. "It's a Catch-22!" So, to recap: Two players who lasted the entire summer in the Big Brother house were brought low in the final competition by ouchie muscles and icky joints. Read More...



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