Necessary Roughness Review: Season Finale - It All Goes Boom!

It was the Necessary Roughness season finale and just when you thought they'd found the "Goal Line" it all got blown apart.

TK's nemesis "The Minefield" showed up on the playoff field and messed with his head causing poor TK to have panic attacks both on and off the field. I felt for TK as he struggled to find some control over his fears. It showed how far TK and Dani have come that he talked so openly with her. That wouldn't have happened at the beginning of the season. 

I think the most comforting moment was when Dani wrote her seat number on his hand. Even though the Coach and fans were ticked off and he'd chased Vivica away, Dani told him she'd be there for him no matter what.

TK's tackle at the end was awesome.  I was so glad they didn't go for the cliche of TK scoring the final touchdown.  The result may have been the same but it was nice of them to find a new way of getting there. Read More...


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