Charm-Free Agents

Eesh. Are we supposed to like these people?

Last night, NBC did itself no favors by premiering Free Agents right after its much-more likable effort, Up All Night. Talk about suffering by comparison.

Whereas the Applegate-Arnett comedy has charm, potential and Maya Rudolph, this Hank Azaria thing had... Hank Azaria's pecs. Seriously, those jarringly hairless man-mounds should have gotten a mention in the credits between the opening bedroom scene and that way-too clingy t-shirt he was sporting right after. Oh, Agents also had the fabulous Kathryn Hahn, who is capable of so much more than just hamming it up as a widow prone to sleeping with Azaria's needy divorcee when not guzzling wine and making out with portraits of her dead fiancé. Read More...


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