'Big Brother 13's' Adam: 'I lost a little respect for Rachel's game'


Adam Poch, probably the biggest fan of the show in the house, took third place on "Big Brother 13." He tells Zap2it about how awesome his experience was and why he voted for Porsche to win the money.As a fan, was "Big Brother" everything you hoped it would be?"It was everything I hoped it to be and then some. As a fan of the show, you watch the show, you root for people, but you honestly do not have a clue what you are doing until you are in there and have to make the decisions and have to play the challenges. It was so overwhelming at first. As we went along in the game, I figured things out. I trusted people early that I shouldn't have trusted and worked with people later that I wanted to work with. Watching it on TV is so much easier than actually doing it. It was such a...



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