SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC “I Need Redemption” Review

Survivor: South Pacific "I Need Redemption" – Season 23 Episode 1 – Put on your buffs and light your torches, everybody, because Survivor is back! However, Survivor isn’t the only thing returning tonight, as we see two former castaways also come back into the fray. Coach from Tocantins and Heroes Vs. Villains and Ozzy from Cook Islands and Fans Vs. Favorites are both back for their third game, and are hoping the third time’s a charm.

The whole "Redemption Island" hook from last season was pretty polarizing with Survivor fans, but apparently CBS decided that enough people liked it to bring it back. I for one actually love the Redemption Island mechanic. Not only does it showcase all of the awesome games that the Survivorcrew comes up with, but it also keeps people on the show longer and allows us to get to know the contestants a bit better. Read More...


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