5 Reasons Rachel Won 'Big Brother 13' That Have Nothing to Do with Her Game

After finishing in ninth place last season and becoming one of the biggest villains ever, Rachel Reilly won Big Brother 13 to claim the $500,000. It was a surprisingly close 4-3 with Brendon, Jeff, Jordan and newbie Shelly voting for Rachel to win over Porsche Briggs.

 It's hard for me to argue that Porsche truly deserved to win. Yes, she did pretty well in competitions and her "sit back and play the social game" strategy was OK. But Rachel did win more competitions and she did fight harder to stay. Plus, Porsche pathetically miserable performance in the last two question competitions made me really doubt her ability to even tie her own shoes. She was given 11 questions, each with only two possible answers, and only got three right. Read More...



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