Huge 1:6: Its a birthday for the Twins!

On Huge, the twins(Chloe and Alistair) share a birthday. The girls cabin wake up Chloe to a birthday hat and everyone wishing her happy birthday. Alistair nothing happens before breakfast but after breakfast, the guys cabin wished him happy birthday with a corny magician card. Alistair and Chloe both loved what they got. Its the thought that matters. Chloe plans a birthday party and only invites the "cool" crowd. Chloe has the party and doesn't even invite Alistair but does invite Ian. Amber takes alcohol from her camp councilor and gives some to Chloe for her birthday.

Chloe and Amber drink a little too much. Amber starts barfing and Ian walks her to her cabin. The group except for Chloe dares another guy to kiss Alistair. Alistair is playing board games while all of this going down. I love games! I wish more people were celebrating his birthday not just Chloe. The guy kisses Alistair. Its a stupid dare. Alistair is hurt especially because Trent was included on asking the guy to kiss him. Alistair and Tent make up.

Becca on the other hand wasn't invited to the party and didn't want to play board games. Wil and Becca had plans to do something with spiritual ruins. Becca shows up and Wil is stuck at the cabin. Wil was at the cabin keeping Amber's hair away from the sink. She was still barfing. She should really get in trouble. Ian leaves the party and joins Becca but they don't actually do anything. Becca and Alistair at the show actually do what Becca and Wil was suppose to do.

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