Final 'Final Fringe: Past + Present + Future' Episodes Due Out Tomorrow

If you're getting ready for the Fringe season 4 premiere, as so many of us are (only a week and a day away!), you'll probably want a little refresher course of the first three seasons. After all, the show's complex mythology is so finely wound together that it's sometimes tough for even the most seasoned Fringe veterans to weave their way through the more intricate story arcs. If you're one of those people who would like to catch up on the broader strokes, though, Fringe: Past + Present + Future is right for you.

Narrated by star John Noble, the web recap series so far consists of ten installments giving details about our heroes' pasts. The series premiered on the web last Friday, and will wrap up on Friday (9/15) with its eleventh and twelfth episodes.

You can check out all ten of the currently released episodes via this YouTube playlist. You can also follow Ari Margolis, the man behind these fantastic promos, on Twitter: @jonxproductions. Read More...


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