Sora no Woto Season 1 Episode 1 Review: The City at Dawn Episode

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If there's anything I have my eye on for the next year or two, it's the Anime no Chikara project. This is a joint venture between TV Tokyo and Aniplex to create more original anime productions for broadcast. Having written about anime for over twelve years now and seeing thousands of episodes of shows, I have found that the ones that stick with me the longest in terms of actual meaning and impact are those that are original stories. Shows that are not animated using the original weekly/monthly chapter structure of a manga series. Light novels have been helping to change the flow of many shows that air and have made great strides in bringing more seriously plot driven stories to the forefront, but completely original projects will always hold a bit more of a special place in my heart. So with animation production done by the up and coming hot animation studio A-1 Pictures (Big Windup fans rejoice), Soranowoto was definitely high on my hopes list for Crunchyroll to grab.

So-ra-no-wo-to, which I will easily cheat on and calle Soranowoto from here on out, is a series with a manga adaptation companion that takes us to a world where we meet a young woman named Sorami Konata. Sorami had a tragedy occur at a young age with her parents in relation to a war that was going on, but she found herself rescued from that situation by a soldier who was a bugler for the company she was attached to. Through the eyes of youth, Sorami saw that as an avenue to pursue as she got older and followed through with it now that she's older as she's signed up for the military in order to learn how to play music. Other soldiers find her to be kind of cute and quaint as she travels to her assignment because the draft is over and they can't imagine why anyone would join up in such a situation as that.

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