ARCHER “Heart of Archness” Review

ARCHER "Heart of Archness" Season 3 Episode 1 – Sterling Archer, that super awesome, super cool, super amazing super spy blasts back onto FX for three episodes of ARCHER, beginning with "Heart of Archness". Picking up three months after Archer’s disastrous wedding – well, almost wedding, the bride was murdered by bionic Barry – the super awesome spy is missing and his coworkers at ISIS have been unable to locate him despite their sort of exhaustive efforts. In desperation, ISIS head and Sterling’s mother, Mallory, hires a man hunter—Rip Riley—who, of course, find Archer almost immediately and sets out to retrieve him.

Like it’s that easy, right?

Rip underestimates his prey, and Archer gets control of the plane. Which, as expected goes really well, especially with his grasp of concepts like autopilot. Archer seems to think that the autopilot should have refueled the plane as well as kept it on course. Sadly, it didn’t. And back at ISIS things are going just as well. When Archer and Riley end up in the middle of the Pacific, Mallory gets a little frustrated and sends a team out to rescue them. Read More...


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