THE HOUR Episode 5 Review

THE HOUR Season 1 Episode 5 – Thanks to a DVR malfunction, the failure of On Demand to update its listings and The Hour not being popular enough for BBC America to put whole episodes online (apparently), I didn’t get to see or review Part Four last week. But I’ve gone through several reviews of the episode from British news sources and here’s what I’ve gathered.

Bel and Hector’s affair might as well be out in the open as everyone from Freddie to Hector’s wife knows about it. A despondent Freddie wound up sleeping with Lix during his surprise birthday party. He then spent the rest of the episode trying to get Ruth’s frosty mother to talk about her daughter’s suicide (which was actually murder). Hints were dropped that Hector himself might have a shady past that involves spy work. Freddie also spoke to the dead Shadow Man’s wife which left him in genuine fear for his life, and Bel found out that she was only given the producing job because her bosses thought it would be easy to control a woman. Read More...


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