HAVEN “Who, What, Where, Wendigo?” Review

HAVEN "Who, What, Where, Wendigo?" Season 2 Episode 10 – The Trouble of the Week is wendigos (wendigoes?) in "Who, What, Where, Wendigo?," this week’s episode of Haven. Pretty straight-forward, right? Ha! Not in this town.

Because the wendigos (I’m going with this spelling ’cause it has less letters) aren’t just flesh-eating monsters that can be eliminated. They’re humans, in this case three sisters who’ve just lost their parents in a plane crash which triggered their Trouble. Because their cravings for blood are so strong, they’ve taken to living in the woods to avoid humans. But one of them isn’t very good about maintaining a Cullen-style, vegetarian diet.

She enlists the help of her boyfriend in luring a known serial killer into the woods for a little snack. When everyone else assumes that the kid is the one in trouble, not the killer, Audrey and Nathan head into the woods with the kid’s father and a menagerie of volunteers. They ask Duke to join them, but he declines. Turns out, he already has a date to hunt down the flesh-eaters in the forest…the Reverend. Read More...



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