THE X FACTOR UK 2011 “Auditions 6? Review

THE X FACTOR UK "Auditions 6" Season 8 Episode 6 – The X Factor has come to Wales. Listen to their accents; looks at their names. They’re obsessed with the ‘y’s and with rolling their ‘r’s. You know there’re going to be some crazy auditions here.

First up is flirty Natasha who’s determined to get Gary "some". And while she sets about trying to woo him with some low dips dances and her hefty thighs, her voice fails to impress. Kelly, intimidated by this Welsh wildling, skirts around the edge and tries to tell her in many words that she wasn’t fantastic. Tulisa came right out and told her she was terrible.

And roll the montage of terrible jokey auditions. This gets a fair few good one-liners from the judges, but doesn’t offer much in the way of talent.

The next decent audition comes from John Adams, a math teacher with a silky voice who tackles Damien Rice’s Cannonball. Despite some awkward stage manoeuvres he impresses the judges – particularly Tulisa who suddenly begins drivelling about equations. He also gets the crowd on his feet and he is sent through. He might just be the new Matt Cardle, except the new Matt Cardle whose voice does not sound like a hamster with a hernia. But he’s handsome and he’s got a good voice and he’s collected: he might just win. Read More...


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