BREAKING BAD “Salud” Review

BREAKING BAD "Salud", Season 4 Episode 10 – I’m not gonna lie, but it was tough being a Breaking Bad fan on Emmy night this year. It helps knowing that the show wasn’t just snubbed from the nominations, and that was in fact ineligible for any awards this year thanks to the late start to the season. However, it’s episodes like "Salud" that guarantee us that this show will be back at the Emmy’s next year, and will hopefully finally win some awards outside of the acting categories.

After last week’s climactic fight between Jesse and Walt, we see Jesse somewhat unceremoniously whisked away to Mexico to his new lab. Considering how big of a change this is to the formula of this show, I thought this transition was rushed a little bit. I know it doesn’t look like they’ll be there for long (more on that later), but it’s the only time the main characters of this show have gone out of Albuquerque, and it all happened so fast! It was great seeing Jesse so effortlessly take control of his new surroundings, and the role that Gus has given him, but I wish this huge move was handled with a bit more grace. Read More...


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