Sora No Woto Season 1 Episode 2 Review: A Chair Story

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)

The first episode of Soranowoto was really quite surprising and has proven to be one of the stronger first episodes of the Winter 2010 season. With great animation and a sense of presence and atmosphere that allowed it to come across in a way few shows do, Soranowoto had an almost theatrical feeling with its pacing and attention to detail, be it the music or the background designs. Everything about it worked well though it didn't really give hint as to what we can expect when it comes to the actual storyline. And with it being an original show, we don't have an established manga to go back to look at and spend time making comparisons to. Which is a good thing.

While the first episode focused heavily on introducing us to the city of Seize through the eyes of the newly arrived Kanata, this episode brings us to the rest of the cast. Rio made a significant impact in the first episode and she gives much of the time over to the rest, starting with a meeting after doing the bugle song where Kanata showed she has a whole lot to learn. The rest of the platoon is admittedly somewhat predictable which dampens the enthusiasm a touch. The captain, Felicia, prefers the more informal nature of such a posting and she has a bit of a light touch where she doesn't come across as an airhead but has that sort of far too friendly and easygoing nature. In the platoon there's the pilot and mechanic namde Noel who seems to be constantly tired and falling asleep, so much so that she falls asleep in her food. The other posting here is a young private named Kureha who is full of spunk and has an instant dislike for Kanata since she's being posted to communications, which is not what Kureha wanted to see.

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