2 BROKE GIRLS “Pilot” Advance Review

Tonight is the premiere of CBS’ new comedy, 2 BROKE GIRLS. Taking an old premise, poor girl dealing with rich girl down on her luck, and adding the twist of the girls coming together for a common cause, to both become rich, one would think this show might be different enough to make it. However, I had the opportunity to watch the pilot episode in advance and I have serious doubts that this show will last past the fourth episode.

The show stars Kat Dennings as Max, the "poor girl" who has waitressed all her life and Beth Behrs as Caroline, the "rich" girl who lost her fortune due to a family Ponzi scheme scandal. Although Kat has a long history of roles on various TV shows and movies, she has never had her own starring role. Beth’s biography is even smaller. Indeed, there is not one recognizable face, at least to me, in the cast. Although this could be something that is actually an asset, good writing would be necessary and, here,2 Broke Girls fails. Read More...



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