Bleach Season 12 Episode 243: One-to-One Fight! Ichigo vs. Senbonzakura Review

Amidst all the battles going on, Soifon is able to handle both Gonryoumaru and Tenken just fine, but she runs into a little trouble when she's attacked by Suzumebachi as well. Suzumebachi is ranting about Soifon's taste in clothes and Soifon finds it a little hard to believe that this is her Zanpakutou. Yumichika meanwhile is getting beat up by Ruri-iro Kujaku, and unlike Yumichika, his Zanpakutou has no qualms about releasing his power in public. Isane and Iba are also having difficulties against Ashisogi Jizou, especially after Tobiume and Haineko come to help it. Isane happens to get struck in the legs by Ashisogi Jizou and is now paralyzed. The Shinigami luckily get their own help when Rangiku and Hinamori show up as well. Elsewhere, Ichigo isn't making much progress against Senbonzakura, but on the other hand, Renji and Zabimaru have already been defeated by Byakuya. At the same time, Kira is able to outsmart and capture Kazeshini, but he's then ambushed by his own Zanpakutou, Wabisuke. Ichigo sees this and really wants to go help, but Senbonzakura continues to be in his way. What interrupts everything though is a great light suddenly emanating from the center of Soul Society because Zaraki has arrived and powering up.

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