DOWNTON ABBEY “Series 2, Episode 1? Review

DOWNTON ABBEY "Episode 1? Series 2 Episode 1 – Downton Abbey returns the same night itpicked up a truckload of Emmys and the world, for an hour at least, seems right again. Or perhaps over an hour. It was quite a long episode and picked up in 1916, opening at the most dramatic point it possibly could have: Matthew in the midst of the Somme. And for anyone who knows their First World War trivia, the Somme was not somewhere you wanted to be in 1916.

Of course there are several challenges facing Downton Abbey, and one of them is a rather major obstacle in terms of writing: how can you make the intrigue and grandiose of Downton Abbey as interesting in its second season when it’s juxtaposed against the tragedy of the First World War. I was certainly worried after opening scene, as Matthew stumbles through the battlefield back to the trenches with a wounded man slung over his shoulders, that the ensuing episode would just seem awfully trivial in contrast with the battle, and it must have posed a great challenge to Julian Fellowes, the writer and creator. Read More...


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