Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' - 'The Birthday'

Have you missed "Vampire Diaries"? Yes, I know, there were repeats galore, but I'm fairly sure most of you wanted fresh blood. I know, bad pun, but please indulge me -- it's the season premiere! 

At the beginning of the show, we're reminded of just how much happened last season -- Klaus! Katherine! Tyler bit Damon, Stefan gave himself to Klaus to save his brother, Stefan's bad, Elena's sad, lots and lots of people are dead. Let's face it, last year was rough, and not just for Elena. Although sometimes it seems like she is The Saddest Girl in the World. Yes, most teenagers don't have to deal with their vampire boyfriend turning evil to save their smoking hot brother (okay, I'm sure Stefan doesn't think Damon is hot, but I had to editorialize there for just a moment), but still, she is exceptionally sad. 

We start things up in Tennessee. Klaus tries to convince a pretty blonde girl that he needs gas and his cell phone is dead. He promises he’s not a serial killer, he just wants to use her phone. Oh my God, woman, RUN. But she's not the gullible and trusting type Klaus hopes she is, as she's not letting him into the house. Unfortunately, having common sense doesn't get you far with wolfpires or vampwolfs or whatever you want to call what Klaus is now (hybrid just makes me think of plants). He impels her to let him in and informs her and her terrified roommate that he's looking for their other roomie, Ray Sutton. The roommate, who also has an admirable amount of common sense, runs – right into Stefan. I guess, as much as I admire these two savvy ladies, I should not get too attached to them. Read More...


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