The Vampire Diaries Episode 3.02 Promo: Damon Faces a Werewolf

The Vampire Diaries returned for its highly anticipated season 3 premiere this week.  Stefan has been a very bad boy, helping Klaus on his killing spree to find a werewolf named Ray Sutton, who Klaus believes will help him in his plan to gain more power.

Elena has been pining for her missing boyfriend back in Mystic Falls, continuously coming to Damon with more clues about Stefan's whereabouts.  But Damon has been dismissing her leads to her face, while also keeping up his own search for Stefan behind her back.  After Klaus learned that Damon and Alaric were hot on his trail, Stefan decided to head back to Mystic Falls and give Damon a warning to let him be.  Unfortunately, this warning hit home when Stefan killed Andie to convince Damon that he was being serious. Read More...


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