Archer Recap: Only Sterling Archer can shoot a shark in the face

As a sort of fill-in before the next full season of spy antics, FX is airing a special three weeks of brand-new Archer episodes. Heart of Archness Part 1 began with Sterling Archer MIA as Mallory puts ISIS on the case of finding and bringing her son home following the loss of his fiancée Katya. In order to do this, she enlists Rip Riley, a rugged solider of fortune type, to track him down. Any fan of this hilarious espionage animated comedy will tell you that Rip Riley has now accepted a ticket straight into the... danger zone!

The ep. begins with some exposition about Archer's fiancĂ©e being killed while Mallory hires on Rip Riley, and how Sterling has disappeared without telling anyone where he's going following her death. It wasn't a surprise to find him in some random woman's bed on a tropical island just about to ditch her the morning after. I knew later on when called on the behavior that he would refer to this and the other women he's slept with while holding down a bar-tending gig as part of his 'grieving process' for Katya. Classic class-less Archer. I particularly liked how he called the girl out on it himself because he was right in implying that if she's sleeping with someone right after her  marriage--it isn't going to last long anyway. I'm sure in his head he saw sleeping with her as providing a  service for her husband to prove she wasn't going to be faithful in the long run. Read More....


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