Anna Vs. Anastasia and Diana, on 'Russian Dolls' (VIDEO)

This week on 'Russian Dolls' (Thu., 11PM ET on Lifetime) there was yet more cursing, more yelling and more catfighting. Can't these women ever just get along?

Anna's feud with Diana bleeds over into her relationship with Anastasia and in the blink of an eye they're not friends any more.

We just love the way how, as Anna and Anastasia go at it in the bathroom, Diana totally stays out of it, calmly touching up her -- frankly epic -- makeup, only to step in once the fight is basically over and conclude it in her own way.

As Anna flounces out of the bathroom, Diana disappears into a cubicle amid sounds of running water, and says "Everything she just said has been flushed down the toilet!"


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