'Archer' Has to Choose Between Saving Rip Riley and Saving Booze (VIDEO)

It was a life or death choice on 'Archer' (Thurs., 10:30PM on FX) as our hero had to choose between saving Rip Riley's life or saving some bottles of booze.

After a terrifying plane crash into the sea, Archer swims back into the wreckage and rescues three bottles of hooch as well as a life raft. Meanwhile, an unconscious Rip is floating helplessly as a large shark starts circling him.

As the shark begins its attack run, Archer takes Rip's gun and tries to shoot it. Only to realize that he can't fire the gun properly because he's got his hands full. He just can't manage the gun, Rip and the booze.

So what's he going to let go of? We think we saw him waver a bit, but he eventually makes the right choice, lets go of the bottles and shoots the shark.


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