Jersey Shore Recap: Livin’ la Vida Cuca

We must admit that when Snooki first said "cuca" last night ("my cuca will come out"), we forgot what that meant. In the context of Jersey Shore and Snooki's life, it could mean a variety of things at once: poop, vagina, sadness ... Is Cuca one of those words like Smurf or shalom? No, it just means vagina. Anyway, Snooki's and Deena's cuci (yep, we've pluralized it) were on full display in a particularly filthy dozen:

With 9.2 percent unemployment, Snooki complaining about how much she hates her fake job of folding pizza boxes for ten minutes a week went over well. And if Ron screaming about pizza at you through a megaphone won't get you hungry, then nothing will. Anyway, JWOWW and Snooki are taking a well-deserved break over a vile-looking pizza garbage omelette when they say that the gang's going to the beach town of Riccione for the weekend! They pronounce it "Rick Cho Hole," of course, which makes it sound like a very unfortunate party game played by seventh graders in Seaside. Read More...


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