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Jersey Shore Review: Team Meatball!

I think I speak for everyone when I say: "Italy, I'm so, so sorry."

Sweet mother of indecent behavior, Deena and Snooki should not be allowed out together ever again. First, they "make out" (read: try to swallow each other whole) in front of a bar full of horrified onlookers. Then, they slam into the back of an Italian police car and get hauled off to jail. Como si dice en Italiano "hot mess"????

In all honesty, Snooki and Deena may have been on their worst behavior this week in "Meatball Mashup," but this was also one of the best episodes of Jersey Shore ever. Ev-er. I am so on Team Meatball - or was it Team Kooka? - that I could never really be mad at them. Read More...


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