Review: The Best Tricks in 'Straw Dogs' Are the Old Ones

"If you go down to the woods tonight, carry a big-ass gun" is the most cogent take-away from the tepid and confused new remake of Sam Peckinpah’s controversial classic, "Straw Dogs."

James Marsden plays David Sumner, a successful Hollywood screenwriter, who moves cross-country with his wife Amy (Kate Bosworth), a TV actress returning to her father’s abandoned home in the backwoods of Mississippi.

He spends his days working on a screenplay about the siege of Stalingrad while she’s bored, jogging bra-less before a crew of local rednecks when she’s not petting her cat.

Among the crew is Charlie (Alexander Skarsgård), ex-quarterback of the revered local high school team. He and Amy had a thing back when she was head cheerleader, but these days he’s swinging a hammer, so Sumner hires Charlie and his buddies to repair the roof of their barn. Tension mounts between Harvard boy Sumner and the good ol’ boys of the bayou, gradually building toward a cataclysmic climax. Read More...


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