'Doctor Who' - 'The God Complex': The minotaur's labyrinth

A review of tonight's "Doctor Who" coming up just as soon as I have a degree in cheese making... 

"I took you with me because I was vain - because I wanted to be adored." -The Doctor

For most of Steven Moffat's stint as showrunner, the monster of the week episodes have lagged notably in quality behind the Moffat-penned episodes dealing with the complicated histories of Amy, Rory, River and the Doctor. But last week's "The Girl Who Waited" (by Tom MacRae) was one of my favorite episodes of the modern "Who" era, and the Toby Whithouse-penned "The God Complex" was pretty damn splendid as well, both as a creepy iteration of the show's familiar "Ten Little Indians" riff(*) with a random group of characters(**) being hunted and killed while the Doctor tries to save them, and as a character study for Amy and the Doctor. 

(*) Though I thought it was funny when Amy told Gibbis that the Doctor always saves everyone, since she's been in at least one of these kinds of stories before (when the Weeping Angels were killing all the soldier clerics). Of course, it could have just been her trying to be kind.  Read More...



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