Doctor Who Promo: Episode 6.12 "Closing Time"

"The God Complex" was a heartbreaker. In the final moments of the episode, the Doctor left Rory and Amy on earth for their own safely as he journeyed off into the cosmos. But, as the Next Time trailer indicates, the Doctor didn't go very far -- he didn't even leave the country!

No, the Doctor is going to visit his friend Craig (James Corden) in Saturday's episode of Doctor Who, which is titled "Closing Time." The title seems to derive from the fact that Craig seems to work at some sort of shopping mall, where there appear to be some problems with the Cybermen (and their smaller minions, the Cybermats).

It's good to see Craig back; he appeared in last year's "The Lodger," and he brought a good deal of lightness to the show before the undeniably dark series 5 finale. The series 6 finale airs a week after "Closing Time," so it looks like things are going to have to get happy before they can get sad.

"Closing Time" will air Saturday, September 24, on BBC1 in the UK and BBC America in the US. Check out the promotional trailer for the episode below.


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