'Breaking Bad' - 'Salud': Down Mexico way

A review of tonight's "Breaking Bad" coming up just as soon as I use up every cleaning product in a 50-mile radius... 

"The bad way to remember you would be the way you've been this whole last year. At least last night, you were, you were real, you know?" -Walter Jr. 
It's funny: "Breaking Bad" is a show about a chemist, who, near the start of the series, told his students that chemistry is the study of "growth, then decay, then transformation." And for a very long time, it seemed that the lives of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman were constantly shifting between those three states. But the dynamic between the two of them - both their relationship and the way they came across to the audience - seemed a bit less in flux. There was a notable transformation between the start of the series (when Walt seemed the sympathetic suburban dad, and Jesse the skeevy idiot) and early in the second season (when Walt started to embrace his role as Heisenberg and became an overbearing bully, while Jesse started to become the one we felt bad for), and that's more or less how the show has treated them in the years since. Read More...


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