Breaking Bad Review: "Salud"


I could respond with that single-word description to pretty much every episode of Breaking Bad, but after watching "Salud" and then not being able to fall asleep afterward, just... wow.

Think about all the show accomplished in just one hour: Jesse concluded the installment as a hero, Gus as a strong-willed leader beyond anything we'd ever seen before and Walt as, dare I write it, a sympathetic figure with father issues.

And these evolutions took place without bashing the viewer over the head with monumental developments or out-of-nowhere twists. The series can do so much by placing its characters into various situations and having them simply talk.

On this episode, we were treated to a fascinating monologue by Walt, an inspired speech by Jesse (my proud smile was even broader than that of Gus and Mike) and a subtitled exchange between Don Elario and Gus that - due to the history between these two, the performances by the actors, and the build-up of the season - was more suspenseful than any action sequence on any other show could ever be. Read More...


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