Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Season 1 Episode 39: Daydream

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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood goes for a rather subdued episode but one that has a fair bit of tension and challenge to it with episode thirty-nine, Daydream With Kimblee doing all he can to capture Scar and now on the verge of having him, everything in the previous episode shifted to showing Scar atop the building with Winry as a hostage. The game changes pretty often in this show so such a reversal of fortunes, at least of Kimblee's fortunes, isn't a surprise. What makes the situation all the more difficult now is that Ed is furiously angry with Kimblee over his lack of protecting Winry as well as the local troops panicking over an impending snowstorm that will devastate the area in short order.

What's interesting is that the bulk of this serves only as the bookends of the episode while the majority of it goes back a short bit in time to deal with the confrontation last seen between Winry and Scar. The two have had a few encounters now and as Winry has learned what the truth is about the past with her parents and Scar's involvement, her reactions to it have been fairly tight and controlled, though there is a strong sweeping sense of vengeance seething from her at times just under the surface. So having another encounter with all the time she's had to think things out gives her a prime chance to really ask him some direct questions, questions that he actually does well at answering. The two of them really are very good for each other as they allow their actions and words to speak in a way that other people wouldn't be able to do to get through to them. Scar and Winry are the kind of people, based on their changing relationship and understanding, that would change the world when they figure out what the right path is. And they help put each other on that path.

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