Breaking Bad: Salud Review

Consider the beginning of this review an open letter of sorts to Walter White regarding his chances against coming out on top in his war between himself and his employer, Gustavo Fring. I understand that you've had quite a lot to deal with this past year what with your relationship with Jesse Pinkman falling into bloody violence last week, your worries about keeping your wife and son away from the dangerous people you work for, as well as constant concern for your own state of health. You spent the majority of your scenes in this episode in a state of drugged-up convalescence and it is understandable that you'd need to take some time for yourself to regroup and figure out where it all went wrong.

Certainly pushing your partner to be so isolated away from you that he'd start to find value, as the audience has as well, in being on Gus's side didn't help you in any way. But allow me to say that as things currently stand--you're not going to beat Gus. At least that's the thought that went through my mind as the entire upper level members of the big bad Mexican cartel of Don Eladio fell to their knees gasping for breath after a particularly deadly tangle with toxic tequila. Read More...


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