Omamori Himari Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Beach Cat Scramble

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After an opening episode that trotted out just about every standard clich for a series of this nature, the second episode leapfrogs a few other clich's to go right to a beach episode. In celebration of the new transfer student and providing an opportunity for everyone to get to know her better. It's a reasonable enough setup but one that's a bit more elaborate than most kids would take since it'd be easier to just hang out at the local hot spot where everyone socializes and get Himari there to talk about herself. Now, if this was organized by the boys, well, at least their motivations would be obvious.

What such a beach excursion does require though is bathing suits and Himari is obviously without one. Being as forward as she is, she makes sure that Yuto knows that he has to go with her to get one and pick it out for her. Rinko manages to get involved in it in the long run and we get the always fun montage of the lead female character showing off numerous outfits. Unlike some shows, Himari isn't shy about this and she has fun playing it up and being all coy and innocent and then putting it all out there in a seductive way. It's a nice change of pace, though I could have done without Rinko feeling her up at one point. Another nice nod is that Yuto is a good guy in that he tries to help Himari with her regular clothes since she only wears kimonos outside of her school uniform. It's a good sweet little moment that works nicely to show that Himari isn't completely tradition bound.

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