Recap: Two women on 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' crack up

So, all's well at Camille's fabulous Beaver Creek home. Everyone's resting apres ski, the house is quiet, life is good. Oh, except that Taylor is losing her effing mind. Well, that's certainly not chic. The nerve! 

Anyway, we start things off with a whole mess of crazy -- no dipping a toe in the water here. Taylor crawls into bed with Kim. Taylor and Kim, not friends. Taylor once told Kim she was going to open a can of Nebraska whup-ass on her. Anyway, Taylor's drunk and she's SO sorry about EVERYTHING. But really, Taylor doesn't want to apologize. She wants to complain. She grew up with nothing! She doesn't want to be poor again! This is disturbing for so many reasons, not the least of which is that she's not really friends with Kim and if you're taking life advice from Kim you'd be better off calling a psychic hotline. Anyway, Taylor just wants Kim to forgive her! Kyle pops in (since she is sharing a room with Kim) and tries to lighten the mood. Taylor, Kim and Kyle all admit to being assholes together and cackle lovingly. Oh, good. Taylor's better now, right?

Um, no, unless better really means ready for a rubber room. 

But in the kitchen, everything is peaceful. A fleet of Camille's personal minions are cooking fabulous, fancy food while wearing cute matching chef's jackets. How elegant! How sophisticated! What a lovely, tasteful vacation Camille has planned! Read More...


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