‘Castle,’ Season 4, Episode 1, Season Premiere: TV Recap

We ended the last season of "Castle" with a classic cliffhanger: Beckett was shot by a sniper at Captain Montgomery’s funeral. Castle had tried to knock her out of the way when he saw what was happening, but he wasn’t successful. As Beckett lay bleeding, Castle confessed his love for her.

The season premiere picked up exactly where it left off. Beckett is being frantically rushed into surgery. She is slipping away. We are taken back and forth between the operating room and the hallway where everyone has gathered.

In surgery, Beckett’s boyfriend Josh has to start the surgery to save her life despite protests from around the table. "You can’t operate on her, she’s your girlfriend." To which Josh responds, "She’s dying." And then he cuts in to stop her bleeding.

Outside in the hallway, Beckett’s father, Castle’s daughter wait. Josh, relieved by another surgeon, comes out of surgery and slams Castle into the wall, blaming him for forcing Beckett to investigate her mother’s death. Back in the room Beckett flat lines. Read More...



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