Castle 4.01 "Rise" Review

That was an excruciatingly long summer, wasn’t it, Castle fans? Leaving us hanging like that after that out of this world finale was just plain cruel, especially given how it ended with Beckett getting shot and Castle spilling out those extremely important three little words. I know speculation has been running wild since May about how everything was going to be resolved and the expectation – particularly after waiting for four months – was sky high. Much like it had been with the finale, I was half excited and half dreading this episode. When the screener popped in my inbox a couple of weeks ago, however, I admit curiosity won out and I have been crawling out of my skin to talk to you guys about it since then. Trust me, it was torture not being able to discuss what I had just seen with anyone for over two weeks.

But I believe "Rise" lived up to its hype, didn’t it? It wasn’t quite as epic as "Knockout" and it was something completely different from what I was expecting, but I was very pleased with how they handled everything. And this is coming from me, who always has a pickle with something, even though I love the show. There is so much to talk about here that I am having a hard time figuring out where to start. So I think I am just going (or at least try) to do this in a chronological order. Read More...


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