The Playboy Club 1.01 "Pilot" Review

On the surface, Nick Dalton seems like the prototypical "man who has it all". A suave, handsome, and extremely successful attorney with political aspirations, Dalton owns every room he walks into, both intimidating and intriguing with his cool presence. He's the man you want to learn from and the man you want your sister to end up with.

Except for the fact that Dalton is a former henchman for Bruno Bianchi (aka Cliff Hill), Chicago's primo mob boss, who witnessed his former employer get rough with the cute new cigarette girl Maureen at The Playboy Club and take an accidental (powder blue) stiletto to the neck. With Bianchi's unsuspecting wife sniffing around the club for answers and his girlfriend Carol-Lynne extremely jealous of Maureen, what's Nick Dalton to do? Read More...


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