THE BIG C “The Darkest Day” Review

THE BIG C "The Darkest Day" Season 2 Episode 12 – Throughout this season I’ve been praising every single episode bar a few near the beginning. I’ve really enjoyed this season. Sure, sometimes it took a false step, but when it worked, it provided ample opportunity to see that this show could, potentially, become something very good.

The penultimate episode is generally one of two things: it’s a setup for the big season finale, or it’s the climax of the series, like Game of Thrones did in its first season, like The Sopranos did in, I think, all of their seasons. This season of The Big C appeared to take its finale structure from the latter category: Andrea found out that Myk is an illegal alien, Hugh Dancy’s Lee, looking like a very pretty, well manicured hunger striker, died of cancer. Read More...


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