DEATH VALLEY “Two Girls, One Cop” Review

DEATH VALLEY "Two Girls, One Cop" Season 1 Episode 4 – If "Two Girls, One Cop" sounds like a porn flick, it’s little wonder as this week’s Death Valley revolved around the biggest industry in the San Fernando Valley–pornography. And, you know, there were also werewolves.

Turns out the zombie/werewolf/vampire apocalypse has given porn producers another disease to worry about; when one of their actors (in true Hollywood actor form) decides he can control his lycanthropy with homeopathic drugs, yoga and butterfly kisses, he winds up on the set of a movie on a full moonand the best makeup girl in the Valley winds up dead.

Of course, most of our dedicated cops are more than happy to spend their shift tracking down a werewolf on a porn set. Stubeck is, of course, a collector of porn and even Carla confesses to enjoying her fair share of it. Only John-John is the lone hold-out; as a father, he just wants to know why these girls have sex on film. Were they abused, abandoned, never hugged enough? No. They need money for college like everyone else. Only they have the advantage of being hot enough to make it in porn. Read More...


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