ALPHAS “The Unusual Suspects” Review

ALPHAS "The Unusual Suspects" Season 1, Episode 10 – This week’s episode of Alphas definitely took me on a wild ride. Having the tactical forces ambush the Alphas team without explanation got the episode off to a dizzying action packed start which completely amplified the anxiety of their baffling situation. That intense pacing didn’t really slow down until the very end and although I can now see the clues hinting at "Rosen" being an Alpha impostor, I had no idea that a twist like that was coming my way.

I was confused by the way Rosen had been handling a lot of the situations with his team but the moment Rosen told Hicks that he should have sent him to Binghamton a long time before, I began to wonder what must have snapped in Rosen’s head. It was totally uncharacteristic of the Dr. Rosen we’ve come to know over the course of the season. My suspicions quickly turned on him and I began to dread the thought of him actually being the traitor among the group. Although that seemed like the obvious reality, I didn’t want to believe that Rosen had been maliciously manipulating the Alphas. Read More...


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