TWO AND A HALF MEN “Nice To Meet You, Walden Schmidt” Review

TWO AND A HALF MEN Season 9 Episode 1 – So … "Out with the Sheen, in with the Kutcher" is how this is supposed to go. I wouldn’t know; I’ve never reviewed Two And A Half Men before, but I jumped at the chance to finally do so in the midst of this very public transition.

Some people might argue that not knowing the show is an unfair way to judge it, but I will argue — why not start now? I mean, I’ve seen a few episodes. Who hasn’t? I know the basics. And everything needs to be able to stand on its own merit. Plus I’ve always liked Ducky—err, Jon Cryer. And Angus T. Jones seems to be coming into his own. And I heard it was a popular show. So why not?

As the first episode of season nine opened, I found myself very glad that Charlie Sheen’s character "Charlie" (such a stretch) was dead, since it opened the floodgate for a bazillion awesome jokes. Like every single ex was at the funeral, many of them very likely guest stars from past shows, since I spotted more than a few well-known actresses I recognized (Jenny McCarthy, Seven of Nine, and more…). And they were really letting him (the corpse) have it. Read More...


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