THE LYING GAME “Bad Boys Break Hearts” Review

THE LYING GAME "Bad Boys Break Hearts" Episode 6 - The mysteries just keep continuing to grow on THE LYING GAME. What at first was a mere missing mother has now turned into something a bit more sinister and it is quite clear Tom and Alec not only know more than they are letting on, but are much more involved than we might have thought. They are not the only ones lying as we find out this week what Justin is hiding. Is it as bad as you thought?

I think this week it is better to discuss the episode by characters, so let’s begin:

Emma and Ethan – Just when things are starting up between them, they come to a halt. First, it was Emma that stopped it. Then it was Ethan. I found it a bit strange that Ethan got so mad at Emma for not telling him about Thayer. After all, at that time Ethan was already talking about breaking up with Sutton and it is not like Emma knew for sure that Sutton slept with Thayer. It just seemed a bit overblown. Now Ethan has slipped with "Emma" and I think Char will stop at nothing to figure out who Emma is. I loved how Thayer showed up at the hospital pondering about "Emma" too. That boy can stir up some trouble. Read More...


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