DANCING WITH THE STARS Season 13 Episode 1 Review

DANCING WITH THE STARS season 13 episode 1 – This is my first shot at reviewing Dancing With The Stars, but I’ve watched more than a few seasons (Gilles was robbed). And there’s usually one or two people you can pick out, right away, that won’t be lasting very long. (It’s usually whatever comedian they’ve chosen.)

This year that’s much harder to tell. I’m not saying the lineup is stronger than most, but there certainly seems to be a nice little niche for each person. So I’m gonna rate them, in order of how well I think they’ll do. That’s right, I’m calling my shots now. Here goes—from top to bottom!

J.R. Martinez partnered with Karina Smirnoff. Now this dude is hardcore, and will probably be getting most of the male votes. And if he doesn’t, having Karina on his arm will certainly help. It doesn’t hurt that he can dance his ass of either. Dude was in the Army and drove over a land mine… and then promptly made a name for himself in soaps. That’s a damned strong story. Sure he doesn’t have Gilles’ looks (and he didn’t have Gilles’ looks before the land mine), but he’s got moves. There’s going to be a very strong "Beauty and the Beast" vibe with him and Karina. And as the season goes on, they’ll delve into his story more. I predict they’ll take it all the way to the final—and win it. Read More...



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