Andie weakened Charlie on The Gates

Brett killed a hunter doing his werewolf side. He was protecting his friend from being killed by the hunter. Hunter is missing in town. Brett gets some unwanted attention which creating tension with Coach Ross. Brett gets kicked off the team permanently because of the killing.

Andie and charlie are getting closer. They were making out in the storage closet. Andie took a lot of energy out of Charlie. Charlie collapses in class. Andie is growing into her succubus powers. Andy is trying to be friends with Brett but he won't allow it. He doesn't want any more friends. After Andy goes to the dance for a short while with her dad, Andy's dad tells her what is.

Its father daughter dance. All the dads are getting ready. Dance goes down smoothly until the episode in the woods outside the dance. Sheriff is confronted by Theresa and a gun. Theresa wants to get even with the Sheriff because he killed her mother. She almost does but Radcliff saves him with his vampire side. Sheriff now knows Radcliff's secret.

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